Latest Sermon :
- Posted on 14 Jun 2016
Ps Young


This is a very special moment and season at Mount Zion Community Church. MZCC is on the verge of moving to another level in so many ways.

“It only takes a moment to create a momentum which results in a movement.” – Pastor Russel Evans

This is a moment which if taken, will create a momentum which will result in a movement that will change our destiny.

We aim to move to the next level in our praise and worship. Next level worshippers bring genuine heartfelt, personal and passionate worship to God daily; they are seizing the moment with life giving praise and worship. Jesus said to the woman at the well, ” If you only knew what the gift has for you and who are speaking to, you would ask me, and I would give  you living water.” “.. The hour is coming, and now is…”

Individually and corporately we must seize the moment by recognising who is talking to us, the gift he has for us and understand the “NOW IS” moment.

Pastors Calvin & Pauline Young